“Lean” Thinkers Are “Lean” Doers

Hopefully, as we talk about where to look for opportunities to “lean” up our company, it generates your awareness of lean opportunities where we work.

But, being “aware” of lean opportunities and taking action to become leaner are two different activities.

To become leaner, we have to act.

What kind of actions?

Speak up. Describe to colleagues the things you see that aren’t lean. See what they think. See if you generate ideas to make it lean.

Experiment. Once you have a few ideas, pick one or two to try out. Conduct the experiment and see what happens. Recognize that each experiment tried helps you to have greater understanding. With that greater understanding, try again.

Assume there are better ideas somewhere. There probably are. None of us is smarter than all of us. Share experiments and what you experienced with others. They may have had experiences that allow you valuable insight.

The more you work to lean things up, the more confidence you develop that thinking about lean and acting upon those thoughts is the way to success. As your confidence grows, you are willing to put in the effort with the knowledge it will bear fruit.

Become a ” lean” thinker. It will lead you to “doing” lean as well.

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