Lessons from the Super Bowl

Did you watch the Super Bowl? What lessons did you learn or were you reminded about?

Talent. When you are the most talented, strongest, best, you have an edge. Seattle’s players seem to have an edge over Denver’s. That was demonstrated in an early-season exhibition game and reaffirmed yesterday.

Execution. Sometimes less talented teams can use execution to counter teams with more talent. Yesterday Seattle used execution to create a significant margin between them and Denver.

The Broncos designed their offense around completing many short passes and having the receivers rack up yardage after the catch. Sure a team can tackle most of the time but every once in a while a player won’t hustle and be on time. Or a player will miss a tackle. Either way, a big play results.

Yesterday, there were no big plays for Denver. Seattle’s players were in place and tackles were made.

Momentum. Simply put, momentum determines most successes. Rarely does someone get up from almost dead or off the floor and head directly to a win. Teams fight to achieve momentum and to maintain momentum.

Momentum is why I believe that great starts at the beginning of a shift and when returning from breaks are essential to our success. The momentum of a great first hour can drive the rest of the day. Developing the habits necessary for a great start every day is essential to consistent success.

Enthusiasm. Seattle was eaten up with enthusiasm. Coaches bounce around. Players speak encouragement and clap each other on the back. The fans are loud and intense. From the first play, enthusiasm created an edge for Seattle.

What did you see? I’d be interested to hear.

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