I subscribe to a business magazine Fortune.  One of their issues each year involves them listing the top 50 Leaders in the World.

As they identify these leaders, they offer characteristics that they share to help them achieve this status.

Here are three:

  1. Listeners – Good listeners lean in, acknowledge what they’re hearing, no interruptions, good listening body language.  When the listener speaks, she asks great, insightful questions.
  2. Optimism – Our COO Matt Sheffield says a great culture purges negativity.  Another way to put it is that we are unfailingly optimistic.  Optimistic leaders believe any situation can be made better.
  3. Hardiness – Author Geoff Colvin takes optimism up a notch.  He calls it being hardy.  “Hardy leaders don’t see the world as threatening or see themselves as powerless against large events; on the contrary, they think change is normal, the world is fascinating, they can influence events, and it’s an opportunity for personal growth.” Hardy leaders create hardy teams.

These lists always provoke questions.  Do I exhibit those traits?  Would my leadership and effectiveness improve if I upped my game?

What’s your answer?

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