I was exposed to a great business teacher over 40 years ago.  His name was Eugene Jennings.

His lectures included many powerful models that remain in my head.  It’s rare a day passes that I don’t use one.

One was called the APD Triad.  Jennings conviction was that most of us would find our careers featured “mobility”.  In the course of a career, new assignments and environments would come upon us. Jennings said we would be well served if we considered the Triad.

A stands for arriving

P stands for performing

D stands for departing.

In Arriving in a new role, Jennings emphasized “grace”.  He cautioned wisely to resist the tendency to try to make immediate changes and impact.

He noted that however sound your judgment and strong your experience, your initial assessment of the new place or role would like to be perfect.

Jennings advised “listening”, “questions” and “reflection” are the best tools to use as you enter into the world.  Learn about the team members.  What are the strengths and weaknesses?  Where does their pride reside?  What ambitions do they have?

Jennings reminded us that no one’s first impression is 100% accurate.  The more time you can take to round out your knowledge, the better you will transition.

Of course, some of us are moved into situations that require urgent attention.  Don’t hear this suggestion to “Arrive” gracefully as the best approach when “the house is on fire”.  When you encounter emergencies, you trust your gut and you act.

But, “Arriving” is a skill with its own strategy.  Consider your approach when moving into some new environment.

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