Look. Listen. Love.

Rick Warren, a preacher who is famous for his book A Purpose-Filled Life, spoke this week on racism.

From his point of view, God created races, so diversity is good. Got to admit that I haven’t considered that point of view.

He coached the listeners on strategies for eliminating racism.

  1. Look beyond the surface. He noted that we each are prone to stereotypes and frequently arrive at conclusions which don’t stand the proof of time. Be aware of your conclusions and, as much as possible, suspend them until you have more information.
  1. Listen with respect. Listening is the tool for insight. As we look beyond the surface, we can hold back judgment. We listen to learn. We listen to find clues for improving relationships. We listen to obtain understanding. When we have been well listened to, we have well respected.
  1. Love others as you would like to be loved. Love is a word that means different things to different people. But, this context is a reminder that we each appreciate kindness, grace, forgiveness, compassion, and patience. Especially when other actions are justified.


Look. Listen. Love. Imagine the teams that would form if all of us practiced these actions first and foremost!

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