Happy Holidays


We’re a few days from Christmas.

For the first time in my life, there are no Christmas plans for me.  Usually there are a couple of big family gatherings.  Also, a big Christmas Eve gathering that involves a candlelight service at church followed by a gathering of friends and family in our home.

Not this year.

We will forego the traditions and the gatherings for the sake of safety and health.  When we visit, it will be small groups, safely distanced.

Can I encourage you to do the same?  Be wise.  Be prudent.  Keep up your vigilance.  The vaccines are circulating.  The ability to control this virus may be here soon.

I’m trading one diminished holiday season with the hope there will be more and better ones in the future. “Laying low” is smart.  Hope you will do so.

Merry Christmas!

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