Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Who inspires you?

An athlete or coach? A world figure like Nelson Mandela? Historical figures like Washington, Jefferson or Lincoln?

Jesus Christ inspires me. I’ve read his biography, The Bible, a number of times.

He models so many things I would like in my character.

He acts with courage. His desire to see things done in a just fashion drives him to say courageous things and to act with courage where others would shrink.

He has great compassion. He is able to put aside self interest. In doing so, he sees and feels the needs of others keenly, accurately. There is no selfishness in him.

He offers great hope. He knows however dark things appear that they have a way of working out. His confidence in that knowledge is catching. Because of that, his friends model hopefulness as well. It gives them faith to act, to try and to persevere.

Jesus loves. Deeply. Compassionately. Hopefully. Unconditionally.

This is a season of love, hope and faith. I trust that you are fortunate to experience all three. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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