Mistakes Are A Part Of The Building Process

Mistakes are a part of the building process. Mistakes have to be made. How you act when you make mistakes is of paramount importance.” Coach Mike Krzyzewski, Olympic Gold Medal Basketball coach

Krzyzewski is one of the leaders I admire most. He builds winning teams by cultivating winning cultures. His leadership is consistently becoming more effective. He builds on it each year.

His quote about mistakes provides insight into his process.

On his teams, mistakes are embraced.

He inspires his teams to play at a fast pace and try new things. He doesn’t expect things to be flawless as they transform. When errors occur, his teams don’t get rattled.

Krzyzewski’s teams maintain their composure. They get ready for the next opportunity.

They learn from the mistakes. They plan a new approach. They try again.

They remain positive. They believe if they stick with the process, they will get to a better place. The confidence one gains by turning mistakes into progress is a virtue. They understand failure isn’t fatal. It’s not a permanent setback.

If mistakes stick with you, consider a new approach. Stop, learn, determine a new approach.

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