Mocksville Leads Successful Industry Tour

Your teammates in Mocksville represented you well today. Almost 500 pallet heads and lumber pros from the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association toured our facility there and we are receiving rave reviews.

These tours are becoming an annual event and are very popular. As a rule, pallet plant owners are independent, isolated and competitive. The opportunity to see how others do it is one that can’t be resisted.

Our team led by Area Manager Larry Draughn and Mocksville GM Brian Dyson have prepared over a month for this day.

Tour participants were greeted with a beautiful day, an immaculate plant, a well organized 90 minute tour where are teammates showed and told about what distinguishes PalletOne-our people!

I’ve been active in this association for over 30 years. I know many of the tour participants but there were also many new faces.

The response was enthusiastic. Praise was high. If people were wondering why it’s difficult to beat us in the market, they aren’t confused anymore. It’s our people and execution.

I am a proud CEO today. As I am most days.

I was inspired by the great effort of the Mocksville team and excited for the affirmation they received from industry peers. I’m also buoyed with the knowledge that while the team in Mocksville performed well, a tour to any of our plants would have yielded similar response.

So, here’s a shoutout to Team Mocksville. You did a great job today!

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