Negative Visualization Can Help You Focus

Have you heard about “negative visualization”?  Here’s the idea: whenever you reach a bored or dissatisfied state of mind, you can turn to “negative visualization” to reorient your mindset.

Here’s how it works. No matter how dissatisfied you may be, most of us can pause, look around and identify some body or some situation that is much worse than we are experiencing. You line up those negative circumstances against your reality, you can realize that you actually have it pretty good and it reorients your attitude.

It’s natural that positive circumstances don’t weather well. You get a new piece of clothing and the thrill of the new purchase goes away after a few times wearing it. You might be thrilled with a new relationship and, over time,the thrill turns to routine. It’s normal.

I don’t use negative visualization. I’m more of a “count your blessings” type of guy.

Here’s the good news. We each have power to choose where we place our focus and what we choose to accept as our reality. Rather it’s “brighten up, look around, it could be much worse” or “I’m sure lucky, look at all that I have going for me”, you can choose your approach and instantly make things around you better.

Give it a try. It works.

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