Pay Attention To Your ANEW Skills

Writer/speaker  says the way to increase your learning is to pay attention to your ANEW skills. Her’s what she means:

Aspiration- to aspire to learn is to be ambitious for adding to your skill set and being intentional about doing so

Neutral Self-awareness- to be humble in assessment of what you know and what you think you know. Learners enter every training opportunity with an appreciation for the benefit of coaching. They know that there is more.

Endless Curiosity- knowing there is more helps fuel curiosity. Learners are inspired to take deep dives into new learning environments. They are motivated to master their craft.

Willingness to Be Bad First – having respect for the learning curve. Many resist new things because of pride. They don’t want to appear inept. But, the humble learner suspends judgment during the awkward initial steps. They have a growth mindset that says with teaching and practice, we can do anything.

If you don’t aspire, you won’t dig.

If you are complacent, you want to be candid in your self assessment.

If you think you know it all, you will dull curiosity.

If you are prideful, it will dull your desire to risk something new.

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