Planning Keeps You Agile

I believe it is better to plan as compared to “winging it”. Planning requires you muster resources. It requires you consider alternatives. A good plan hones your sense of anticipation. It helps you to adjust.

Adjustment is almost always necessary, because things seldom go according to plan. The planning process helps you to have the strength and speed to respond with agility to a world in which we have little control.

Bob Ernst, from our IT department, sent me a list of characteristics from companies which operate with agility.

When you need to move with agility, you trust people and the interplay of the team before putting faith in tools and processes. People get the most out of tools and processes. They work best under pressure. They find more expedient ways. Don’t send an email. Huddle up.

When you need to move with agility, value flexibility versus structure.

Resist the rigidity of recipes and standard procedures in favor of creative, up to date steps.

Be focused on the customer. Satisfy their needs. Add value to our offerings.

We use our resourcefulness to stay flexible to meet changing customer requirements. That’s agility.

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