Positivity vs Negativity

A common theme in these notes is the virtue and value of choosing positivity versus negativity.

While the concept of critical analysis has merit, the idea of starting out every situation by pointing to the deficits or features that are wrong is counterproductive. Negativity is a “buzz kill.”

Dr. Barbara Fredrickson is a psychologist at North Carolina who studies positivity. She says people who are positive fuel that positivity by behaving in ways that fuel positivity. Here are four things that “positive” people do:

1. Do good things for others. When you help others, you improve the climate around you. People are pleased to receive the help. Our brains provide a bit of a “high” that boosts us. Serving others is a “win-win.”

2. Appreciate the world around you. I don’t know about you, but I can get into a routine where I ignore the incredible things that are part of our world. Nature offers incredible beauty and design. We have clean water. Indoor plumbing. Freedoms to live our lives the way we want. As they say, it’s important to “smell the roses.” Stop and consider all that is going for you. It peps you up

3. Develop and build relationships.

Building relationships is a “happening to the world” thing. The number and quality of relationships you have will depend on your initiative. Do you reach out to others? Endeavor to learn more about them? Readily make yourself available to help? Strong relationships, consistently developed lead to a general state of well-being. Resist isolationist behavior. Be a friend. Make a friend 

4. Be a goal setter.

If you aren’t getting better, you’re getting worse. To have the discipline of developing and achieving goals is the growth mindset that builds competence and confidence.

Would you be described as a positive person?

Do you feel positive most days?

What’s your record at doing the things above?

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