I read a devotion by performance coach Tim Kight. He made this point:

We engage in a “process” in our life’s pursuit every day.  The question is whether your action each day is well designed and leading toward a goal? Or is it haphazard and ill-defined leading nowhere?

Kight offers a few important insights to consider:

  • Commitment to an effective process produces results.
  • Success and failure are rarely a single event.  Both are a process.  Both have the same origin:  the cumulative impact of daily actions over time.  Here’s another way to say it: No single action in the process creates success (or failure).  It is the cumulative impact of daily action over time that produces success (or failure).
  • Every action has a consequence.  You may not see it, but every decision you make and every action you take affects the process.  Do not equate the delay of consequences with the absence of them.
  • If you want to maximize the process, you must maximize the moments in the process.
  • At some point in the process, it gets tedious.  Boring.  Difficult.  It becomes a grind.  Embrace the grind.  The grind is the gateway to greatness.

Again, the most important things in life take time.  “A process is involved, and most importantly, the disciplined actions within the process.”

Is your process defined and thought through?

Are you implementing it consistently?

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