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One of the quotes I admire: “Talent that does not manifest itself in creative works does not exist.” – Sydney Harris

I copied that quote down at a time when I believed that I was not living up to my potential. The honest conversation I was having with myself was that I knew that I was coasting. I was doing “as much as necessary and as little as possible” to get by in the world. If you were working around me, you might not have noticed. But, I knew.

I was meeting the standard. My job was getting done, but I was discontented because I knew there was more that I could accomplish.

I was reminded of that quote when I was reading a piece about how one could become better at what he or she does. I don’t know who authored it or I would give them the credit. But here’s some of the advice:

  1. Choose to be different by going after others stop. Go the extra mile that most won’t go.
  2. Be amazing by doing the common things uncommonly well.
  3. Pay your dues. Take the jobs others won’t do. Work, for free if necessary, for a more accomplished person to learn what they do and how they do things.
  4. Don’t coast on talent alone. Remember that if you have been blessed with talent it is your duty to make it count.
  5. Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t good at something. If you work hard and persevere you can get better
  6. Make humility your prevailing approach. Don’t be too good to get dirty. Don’t be too proud to struggle with something you aren’t good at. Don’t be so cocky you think you are good enough.

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