Quality is a Key Component of Safety

As pallet manufacturers, it is important to consider the role we have in the safety of the public.

Once the pallets leave our plants, our customers load them up with a great deal of weight. They ship them on trucks. They are handled with forklifts. If you visit stores like Home Depot or a Sam’s Club warehouse, you will see them suspended in racks above the heads of the buying public. Eventually they get unloaded.

Our customers take care to design pallets that will fulfill the mission. In many cases, we run their specifications through our pallet design software and give them feedback on how much weight the pallet will hold and how they can expect it to perform in racked or stacked conditions.

Once the specification is agreed upon, the customer counts on us to build them according to specification.

That’s where many of you come in.

Our pallets aren’t intended to be manufactured using rotten wood. From time to time, we will have lumber shipped to us which is rotten. From time to time, the lumber rots on our yard. If in the course of creating components you encounter lumber that you fear wouldn’t stand up to the demands the pallet will face, you will be doing us a favor to sound the alarm.

Here’s another one. Pallets solidly fastened with nails are critical. We don’t need nails sticking up. We don’t need nails sticking out of the side of pallets. We don’t need nails that are missing because a pallet machine misfires. If you see that has occurred, let us know. Let’s correct it before we get it to our customer.

Making a quality product is a key to our success. A quality product soundly constructed preserves the product our customers place on it. A quality product that performs on the retail floor assures everyone will be safe.

If you see that we may be falling short, sound the alarm.

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