Repetition Helps Concepts Take Hold

Perhaps you notice that I repeat myself in these daily notes.

When I started writing these over four years ago, my goal was to put something fresh out there. I changed my mind.

In order for a culture to take hold, we have to be diligent about repeating themes, ideas, strategies and methods that work for us. While it may be our instinct to assume because it has been said or addressed that everyone gets it, it just isn’t true.

If we want it to stick, we have to be willing to repeat it.

Finding ways to sustain the “lean” things we do is a critical element of becoming “lean.”

The use of checklists. Posting signage that reminds us. Having a meeting routine that addresses our key elements of our success. Doing those things over and over again to make sure the new folks joining our team are educated – all of those things are critical to lean.

So, here’s my challenge: When you start one of these notes and think “here he goes again,” resist the temptation to skip over it or count it as something you know. Instead, think about several things:

  1. Am I consistently modeling this behavior or concept to my teammates?
  2. Should I be stepping up in this particular area instead of coasting?
  3. Do all those in my unit understand this to the level that I do? Should I be teaching them more?

The best use of these notes is when you use them to make the team better.

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