Say “Wow!” Not “How!”

PalletOne hosted a leadership conference on Friday called Leadercast. 60 PalletOne leaders were on hand.

The content of the session was a variety of speakers on a satellite feed from Atlanta, GA. We watched in Bartow.

The lead speaker Andy Stanley talked about bravery, boldness and organizational change. He noted the common tendency for leaders to quell ideas by cutting them off at the early stages. They do it by saying things like:

“That won’t work.”

“We can’t afford it.”

“We’ve tried it before.”

“That would be great, but how will we do it.”

Stanley encouraged us to let things go a little further and he gave this statement to use. He told us to say: “Wow! Not How!”

By saying “Wow”, we don’t stomp on ideas. We give them a little bit more area in which to grow. We don’t stifle enthusiasm. We stop and listen.

Past experience isn’t a predictor of what can be. Things change very quickly. What once didn’t work may now become possible because of some sort of technological development. Maybe there is now an App for that.

I can be guilty of totally relying on my past to guide me to where to go in the future. I’m working on a new habit now. When someone makes a suggestion or broaches a new idea, it will be my cue to pause and say “Wow.” And rather give an instant reaction, my new routine will be more questions.


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