Self Improvement Brings Ultimate Satifaction

“There’s nothing noble in being superior to other men. True nobility is being superior to your former self.”

-Ernest Hemingway

 I’ve noticed this about people I admire. They usually are working on something.

 It might be developing a new skill.

 It might be achieving a new level of fitness.

 It might be improving their pursuit of faith.

 It might be stepping up the effort on being a better parent or spouse.

 It might be studying a new topic.

 It might be researching a new destination they plan to visit.

 It might be stepping out into a new volunteer effort.

 It might be cooking a new dish.

 It might be improving a process or product at work.

 Sometime we take up things because it will make us look good. We do it, because someone else is doing it.

 But, Hemingway notes that if our goal is to be better than others, satisfaction may be shallow when completed.

 You will be satisfied with your endeavors when you can say to yourself : “I’ve given my best effort. I’ve pressed and stretched. ”


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