Self-Nomination is a Winning Strategy

Do you have skills we don’t use but could use?

Do you get to do what you’re best at doing at work?

Uncovering the talents and skills of every person is a huge challenge for every enterprise. I’m sure we could be better at it.

But, something I count on to help accomplish learning about the depth of our team is a practice called “self-nomination.”

If you are “happening to the world,” you will have the courage to communicate your desires about opportunities to those who are in a position to help you.

When we hire, we focus on filling a spot. You may bring in special skills acquired other places but our interest is in filling the job at hand.

Thus, it’s possible to get stuck.

As you learn and observe what we do in our plants, you may notice something that interests you. If that is the case, take that initiative. Tell your boss, “I think I would be good at that job. How can we find out?”

I hope that you will be rewarded by asking. That your question will cause us to explore your abilities more. That our effort to explore will open up an opportunity to discover if there is ability we didn’t know about.

I see such exploration as a “win-win.” Self-nomination is a winning strategy.

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