Selma Team Earns High Marks from Customer

Few of our customers take the time for a vendor review, so it’s nice when we get to experience one and better yet when we get graded well.

I am in Selma today to visit with a customer. They honored us by sending a team to our facility. While there, they provided an annual report card.

Here’s the closing sentence: “PalletOne provides excellent service and response. Is consistently in our top two vendors for service and number one for quality. Keith Reinstetle and Shane Tuck make a great support team and respond well, even when out of the office. We value the partnership.”

Excellent service…


Number one for quality…

Always available…


The Selma team deserves those accolades. It was satisfying to hear them delivered as well as read them. I am grateful for their good work and I am pleased to congratulate them here.

But, as I drove away from the meeting, I was wishing that more of our customers would visit our plants like this one did today. If they did…

They would meet and see our extraordinary people.

They would see the physical effort exerted every day to produce our product.

They would be amazed at our deep team that keeps the machines working at such an effective rate.

They would comprehend that the requests they make that we fulfill take skill, planning and care.

They would see the skill necessary to produce the quality desired.

They would be glad they chose us as a partner and vendor.

It’s nice to have it acknowledged like the Selma team did today. But, please let me assure you, our efforts in all of our plants place us among the best.

I’m so proud to be associated with you.

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