Start Small, End Big

Small efforts daily end up creating a habit that lasts.

I heard a story once, about one who was seeking to develop a generous spirit. He asked a wise man how to proceed.

The advice was simple:

Take $100 and give it away. Not all at once but, slowly. $1 a day for 100 days. Look for someone who could use a $1 and give it away.

At the end of 100 days, his heart had changed. His awareness of those in need became sharper. He saw much need. He fulfilled it.

His giving heart became bigger. $1 became $5 as he saw need and sorted out how much more the gift did than it accomplished in his pocket.

$100 over 100 days created a generous heart forever changed.

While this could be a story about generosity, it isn’t.

It’s a story about developing any virtue you want. Healthier life styles?

Fitness? Smoking cessation? Money management?

You name it. Start small. Do it again tomorrow. And, the day after. You’ll be amazed at the change.

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