Sunbelt Sponsors Weight Loss Challenge

Our treated wood location, Sunbelt Forest Products, is sponsoring a health challenge.

Beginning Wednesday, they have invited all employees in their Bartow location to compete in an 8-week weight loss contest. They will weigh in every two weeks. The measurement is total percentage of weight lost. Thus, if you weigh 200 pounds and lose 10 pounds, you lost 5%. Highest percentage wins.

In announcing this program, General Manager Ken Delle Donne noted that our intranet offers lots of guidance on competing in a weight loss program. It provides tips and recipes on nutrition. There is advice on meaningful exercise. It’s worth taking a look.

In almost every case, we have weight to lose, muscle tone to restore and healthier eating patterns to acquire.

I look forward to seeing the results at Sunbelt and seeing if there are other inspired plants as well.

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