Here’s an interesting finding:

“America’s cancer mortality rate has fallen 32% since the early 1990s.”

To hear one has cancer is sobering news. But it’s not the guaranteed death sentence it once was.

Cancer deaths declined as people smoked less. In other words, it declines when you stop doing the things that cause cancer. 

Cancer deaths declined as we became alert to its risk and began to screen for it. In other words: when you study the risks, you can anticipate better how and when things can occur. You take steps to stop it. 

For us, injuries and accidents are the cancer we fight. We have about two a week. We seem stuck there.

It’s a stated priority to move the needle on the number of accidents in 2023.

For that to occur, we will have to act differently and have better strategies. It works for cancer. It should work for injuries.

Our operations and safety team will be engaging you in this effort. Commit to leading where you stand and stamp out illness. Give it some thought. Change your behavior. Invite your team to come along with you.

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