Tap Your Talents

“Talent that does not manifest itself in creative works does not exist.”

Sydney Harris

Unused talent is frustrating.

We all know people who don’t make full use of their gifts. They are difficult to observe.

Sometimes a raw talent remains raw because the person won’t train and practice in a way to bring it into fruition.

Sometimes talent isn’t fine tuned because the talented person recognizes the “edge” that the talent affords early and mistakenly believes that the “edge” will always be afforded. Thus, the talented person plays along only to see less talented but harder working competitors close the gap.

Sometimes talent stays bottled up because the talented person is afraid to risk. The bottled up talent remains untapped as it sits on the sideline fearing the thought of failure. Bottled up talent sours the stomach and heart.

Is there talent in you that is being wasted? Your talent and ability fuels a more satisfying life. Put it on the line. Make something happen.

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