Thanksgiving Blessings

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

With each year, my appreciation for the holiday deepens.

I have so much for which to be thankful.

I live in America, a place where most people in the world would choose to live if they could.

I have been presented opportunity after opportunity. Some of which I took advantage. Others I squandered. Nevertheless, I’m grateful for such opportunities. More grateful that in the world where we live, opportunities keep coming. For all who are open to them.

I married well. That choice produces  fruit every day.

My kids make me proud. We live without regret in our relationships. I realize how uncommon that is.

I can worship anywhere, anytime. Without fear or repercussions. That liberty is precious to me.

Perhaps among my chief benefit is where I get to work and to whom I get to work alongside. I cherish this opportunity to wear the PalletOne jersey.

So, as I read this, I realize it could be perceived as a “brag” list. I hope you won’t take it that way.

Here’s how I wish you’d take it:

Chances are that you can make the same kind of list as mine.

Good job? I hope. People you love and who love you. Great community where you live. The opportunity we each have to act to make our life better.

Happy Thanksgiving! We are blessed!

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