The Benefits of Plant Tours

The PalletOne Board of Directors was in Bartow for its quarterly meeting and an annual budget review.

Among the activities was a plant tour of the Bartow facility. Bartow, like all of you, has been engaged in “lean” activities. The plant looks good.

We should offer plant tours all we can. Whether customers, vendors, public officials, family or friends – a tour of our facilities raises awareness of our excellent team. It only helps us.

Here is my experience with tours:

  1. People are surprised with our activity. Most people imagine an archaic methodology. They always are impressed with the way that we go about our business.
  2. People are impressed with our professionalism. As we become “leaner,” the enhanced organization and productivity shows up. Most don’t expect that in woodworking environments like ours.
  3. Tours give our team a lift. It breaks up our routine. It reminds all of us that our everyday routine is unique to the uninitiated. It reinforces the significant effort that our teams everywhere make to set us apart.
  4. It enhances our reputation. It gives customers confidence in their choice to use us. Vendors see us as better partners. Community folks see us as good neighbors and corporate citizens. Friends and family see that we’re good at what we do.

I delight in sharing our operations with others. You do as well. Let’s figure out ways to show off more in the coming year. It will do us good.

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