The Five Factors of Leader Credibility

I keep a chart created by the Leadership Research Institute which lists five factors of Leader Credibility.

The idea is simple: when it comes to leadership, it doesn’t matter what position or title you have. What matters is that you behave in a fashion which causes others to regard you as a leader. If so, you are credible.

Credibility Factor #1-Competence
Do you have competencies that contribute to the success of the team? It can be a technical ability or skill. It can be a bank of knowledge that arose from education. It can be “people” skills featuring problem solving and motivation. Competent people have abilities that cause them to stand out.
They work constantly to add to their abilities.

Credibility Factor #2-Character
Your character is based upon consistency. A consistency doing the right things. Doing the right things builds trust. Doing the right things makes you a valued teammate. High character leaders keep their word. They demonstrate fairness. Their words and actions are honest.

Credibility Factor #3-Composure
When you keep your head about you when others are losing it, you gain credibility. Composed people are patient and poised. When difficulties arise, they don’t cave. They rally the team and get back to work.

Credibility Factor #4-Courage
Courageous leaders take the rare stand, make tough decisions, communicate the difficult messages. They stand up and stand out when others might look for the exit. They accept responsibility for errors and mistakes. They take on burdens beyond their own. Courage builds credibility.

Credibility Factor #5-Care for Others
You respect others, you gain credibility. You seek to understand others, you develop credibility. You listen well and seek others’ input, you gain credibility.

You must be credible to count. Print this list. Do a thorough personal inventory. Are you credible? Are you as credible as you would like to be?
Where should you start?

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