The Five S’s Of Sports Training

Many of our jobs are physically demanding. To be proficient, it is necessary to train as an athlete.

I saw this quote recently:

“The five S’s of sports training are: Stamina, Speed, Strength, Skill, and Spirit; but the greatest of these is Spirit.” –Ken Doherty

Stamina-Our jobs require stamina. Most shifts last eight hours. Often there is overtime. Our most productive folks work the last hour as hard as the first with no breakdowns in between.

Speed-Our most productive colleagues are finely tuned. They perform repetitive actions with economy of motions and ease that make the job look easy. But, combined with stamina, they go fast, consistently.

Strength-It takes great strength to do our work. Most new folks report they discover muscles they didn’t have. After working the physical jobs for a few weeks, the new found muscles take on definition. Strength fuels stamina and assures consistent speed.

Skill-Some might look at what we do and call it “unskilled” labor. I dispute that notion. Watching people create products from our machinery and raw material is a beautiful thing. The economy of motion. The consistency of repeated steps performed through muscle memory. The product sent forward matching the standards requested by the customer. The constant honing of activity designed to make the production process leaner. Those are skills.

Spirit-No one becomes an elite teammate without spirit. The desire to improve requires spirit. The ability to endure requires spirit. The tenacity to provide quality requires spirit.

Each job in our operations are necessary. Someone counts on a professional, predictable outcome. I appreciate the way you pros tackle your work.

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