The Opportunities That Emerge

Planning is good. Goals are good. Making plans and setting goals provides energy. They create motion. Most intentional people make plans, set goals and have strategies.

But, let me tell you, many of the opportunities which come in business and life “emerge” as compared to being achieved through planning.

I can give you countless examples but just considering where we are today illustrates what I mean.

When you were young and people asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, did you say, “I want to be a pallet head” or “I want to treat lumber”? Not many of you will say “yes” to that.

And, yet, here you are.

Someone brought you here. Or maybe you wandered up when there was nothing else available.

You showed some ability. You learned some new stuff. You liked the people. You were thanked for your effort. You got health insurance.

Your opinion was sought and encouraged. You began to wonder, “Why would I work somewhere else? I wanted a good job and I got one.”

Who would have thought that would emerge?

That’s my story. I hope it’s yours.

But, here’s the reason for sharing this:

If you are intentional about being a good teammate, you look to learn more and do more. You give a great effort. You strive to be alert.

If you do those things, opportunities have a way of emerging.

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