The Past Is For Learning

Dr. Henry Cloud, one of my favorite authors, says this:

 “Think of your past for learning, or to feel gratitude. Never for punishment. ….of you or anyone else.”

 Do you beat yourself up for what you should or could of done and didn’t?

 Do you carry around mistakes you’ve made longer than you should?

 Are there negative experiences which now define what you will do in the future?

 Are there people whose past actions cause you to be bitter and resentful?

 If the answer to any of those questions is yes,  you should listen to Cloud ‘s advice and act upon it.

Leaders who ” happen to the world” are able to evaluate experiences, discern what can be learned and move ahead with a clear mind and heart.

 So many times, leaders get derailed by a negative outcome. Cloud’s suggestion of treating our experiences as learning opportunities and to be grateful for them is powerful medicine. When you have the grace and wisdom to apply it to others, it multiplies in power.


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