The Power of the “Mission Focused” Team

The mission team I’ve been working with in Guatemala completed the regimen of surgeries yesterday. When all was said and done, 96 were completed. All successfully. That’s four surgeons full time and another working daily in a clinic turned to a mini surgery room.

The team includes folks from Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, California and Montana. Most knew somebody and several knew nobody as they arrived.

In the morning after chapel session, the team reflected on how the “hand of God” had been present. One of the observations focused on the camaraderie of the team – how well the whole team functioned – especially since we hadn’t worked together before.

Upon reflection, the week demonstrated the power of the “mission focused” team. As the team gathered and began its work, the patients were the thing. No disputes about pay. No worry about who was getting the credit. No task too small for anyone to take on.

It’s great to have ego strength. We want people to have confidence in their ability to learn, create and perform.

It’s great to have ambition. We want our teams to be proud of their achievements and aspire to reach even greater heights.

When you study exceptional teams who achieve, you learn it was the mission that inspired the great achievement. The people on the team were able to make sure that ego and personal ambition did not deter the team from achieving greatness.

I didn’t provide care for any patients this week. I washed the dishes. Helped with food. Ran errands for those doing the heavy lifting. Provided encouragement wherever I could.

I’ve been reminded this week that being mission focused in my daily work and being mission focused when I’m called to lead works best.

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