It’s a privilege to share these notes every day.

Why do I write them?

My goal is to capture the “corporate knowledge” and deliver it to all of you. When anyone in our organization is confronted with a situation where there is uncertainty about what to do, I want all these notes to form the voice in your head that guides you to the best decision.

There are some of you who have read these notes for over a decade.  There are also some of you who see them for the first time.

If my hope about these notes could be fulfilled, they would be used to teach and to reinforce our best methods, highest thoughts and smartest approaches to our efforts.

I could imagine one older colleague take a note and discuss it with a younger colleague.  I can see a supervisor taking a note and using it at a “two-minute talk” to reinforce a point on safety or housekeeping.

Use them to teach.  Use them to motivate.  Use them as a personal incentive to grow, change and improve.

I know that the uses I hope for may be rare, but if these notes better you in any way, it brings me joy.

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PalletOne CEO Howe Wallace
PalletOne Inc.
Company President, Howe Q. Wallace

Since 2005, he has been sharing his thoughts on the organization, leadership, and communication in an online daily note to teammates called Daily with HQ.


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