The Three Constants In Life

The late Stephen Covey said there were three constants in life:

Change, Choice and Principles.

Change is always upon us.   Back when I was in high school, there was a popular book called Future Shock. The author was attempting to describe how fast change would come our way.   I don’t remember much about the book, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t foresee the kind of change we are taking on today.

I was reflecting upon my first experience with a computer. I was in college at the University of Florida. There was a single computer on campus. It filled up a room as big a gymnasium. To use it, you had to be in the facility. What you could accomplish was a simple program that might be able to write your name.

Today, the “smart phone” I carry around has more computer power than my whole university had in 1977. It fits in my pocket. I can listen to music, research a book and write about it without leaving my seat. That is what you call change.

We discuss choice a great deal in our company. When I say PalletOne leaders “happen to the world”, I’m describing a team of people who make active choices all day, every day. We choose our attitude. We choose our effort. We choose how much we care. We choose how long we try. We choose when we quit. We choose when and to whom we will listen to for guidance and education. We choose our habits and routines. We even choose whether we will choose, since not choosing is a choice in itself.

Principles are the third constant.   Principles are a great stabilizer. Principles are ideas, thoughts, and commitments we embrace us to help guide us through a world of change and point us to consistent choices. Our principles reveal our character. Our principles show what we value in life. Our principles can be our rock where we stand and our shield to ward off harm.

Life demands we embrace change and make choices. Our principles can guide us ahead in productive ways.

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