There’s power in a team meeting.

There’s power in a team meeting.

I’m struck at how often I read in athletics that a “players only, team meeting” proved to be a turning point in a season. The players will point to the meeting and say things:

“We knew we weren’t playing as we could”

“We are committed to excellence.”

“We were selfish, and things changed when we put selfishness aside.”

“We realized that losing sucked and we decided to do something about it.”

And, more like that. You can fill in the blanks.

Here’s what happens in such meetings:

Things that are being thought get said. Frustrations surfaced. Ideas are presented. Teammates assume some power.

Goals and direction are firmed up. A better future is envisioned and articulated. It moves forward.

Attitudes are changed. Instantly. No evolution. It becomes a revolution. You walked in one way. You leave another.

In our environment, once the attitude shifts, the world moves.

We are safer.

We have pride in our surroundings.

We have each other’s back. We help each other. We respect each other.

I’ve been showing some guests a couple of our plants this week. They notice the difference. They expressed admiration at the “culture” they observe.

The plants we saw are doing it well. But, what makes me proud is the fact that I could take them to any of our locations and they would see the same.

Our daily two-minute talks appear to be keeping us on track. Keep up the good work. Say what needs to be said. Challenge your teammates to be committed. Hold each other accountable.

It’s how winning teams roll.

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