To be Known as Responsive

I’ve started a list of words. The words describe how I would like our company to be known.

One of the words is: responsive.

When I receive complaints about our company, many times it is because we weren’t responsive to a concern or a complaint from a customer or a colleague.

Suppose you make a suggestion about a way to do something better and no one gives you any feedback. The lack of response would likely be a frustration.

Suppose you lodge a complaint with someone who supplies you a service and they don’t give you feedback. The lack of response would cause you to find another provider of that service.

Suppose you work hard, going the extra mile, to get a big job completed and no one acknowledges the effort. You won’t be likely to do it again.

Responsive people listen well.

Responsive people make a good faith attempt to resolve problems.

Responsive people follow through on commitments.

Responsive people leave those they encounter certain they were heard even if the resolution isn’t what they want.

Responsive people are known as considerate and respectful.

Responsive people treat others how they want to be treated.

I want us to be known as responsive.

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