Two Things Under Your Control: Effort and Attitude

Ken Blanchard is among the most prolific and profound leadership authors around. I was reading one of his company blogs yesterday.

It discussed the two things your boss should never have to ask from you: effort and attitude.

Author Randy Conley notes that the effort you give and the attitude you have are completely in your control. It is a matter of character to choose to give great effort and to have a good attitude.

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My thoughts: just this morning I was listening to a sermon. The preacher’s main premise was that God made us to be passionate. We have the capacity to feel strongly about things. God wants us to experience satisfaction by passionately pursuing life with effort and enthusiasm.

Whether you believe in God or not, you can admit that life is better when you are living it with effort and a positive attitude. Your spirit soars. Your energy is good.

My goal at PalletOne is to create an environment that supports your desire to give great effort and to have a good attitude. From time to time, we may fall short in one’s estimation.

But, I’m proud of our culture. If we fall short, we will work hard to make things better. It’s one of the big things that makes me passionate about my job.

How about you? You control your effort and your attitude. Is it the best it could be? If not, how can we help you make the choice?

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