Want To Be A Leader?

I’m not sure what your ambition at work is, but you could have the desire to be promoted to a leadership position.

If that is so, you may make the mistake that many do of pushing and promoting your ability to lead. While leadership is an important skill/trait, less experienced folks are often guilty of overemphasizing their leadership ability.

I read an article by recruiter Jeff Kavanaugh. He said that those who desire promotion would demonstrate their potential in four different ways:

They are professional. They do the fundamentals: Show up. Clarify expectations. Fulfill commitments. Every day. They establish a reputation as a “pro.”

Critical thinking. They develop and demonstrate a deep understanding of the work. That knowledge leads to good decisions. Creative innovation. Effective teaching. Problem solver.

Teamwork. A good teammate is generous. A good teammate is helpful. A good teammate does his job. Good teammates develop a good reputation. Your great leader was first a good teammate.

Communication. Leaders value communication. They communicate constantly. They listen. They question. They have skill at talking about the tough things that have to be said for teams to progress.

Want to be a leader? Be a pro. Be a great teammate. Demonstrate your knowledge through critical thinking. Communicate.

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