We Are The Sum Of Our Commitments

Commitment separates those who live their dreams from those who live life regretting the opportunities they’ve squandered. – Bill Russell, Hall of Fame Basketball player and coach.

It’s been said that “We are the sum of our commitments.”

According to Russell, if you see someone accomplished, you can be assured that person will have a record of commitments that defined them.

Perhaps you see the truth in this statement.

If you are feeling satisfied with your life at present, you can point to commitments made in the past.

Your relationship are satisfying? You invested in them. That’s commitment.

You good at your job? That doesn’t happen without a commitment to improve and become an expert.

Your health is good? Chances are it isn’t just your metabolism. You have committed to a healthy lifestyle.

Your faith is strong? You made a commitment to engage in the soul searching and reflection necessary to come to grips with all things eternal.

Of course, the opposite is so.

If you are unhappy with your life today, I bet a searching commitment would find you aren’t committed.  To anything.

Russell suggests a life of commitment enriches. Put it to the test.

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