Do you identify as a leader?  Put another way, if you were asked if you’re a leader, would you nod your head yes?

 Chris Lowney wrote a book called Heroic Leadership.   He makes this observation:  “We’re all leaders, and we’re leading all the time, well or poorly.”

 Your actions have an impact.  Whether you have the title or the official responsibility, you lead.  Think about it:  If you extend your effort; if you choose safety every time; if your area is clean; if your work is the quality your customer expects.  All those things impact how your teammates approach their jobs. Leadership on your part is setting the example.

 Leaders won’t let low standards persist.  Whether through friendly reminders or stern insistence, you impact those around you.

Certainly, your personal approach speaks the loudest, but your leadership role steps up a notch when you are able to encourage better from those around you.

You begin to make a difference when you see the leadership opportunities around you.  Lead where you stand.  All the time. 


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