What was supposed to happen?

One of the questions we ask in the annual survey is whether you are aware of what is expected of you.

Most of you say that you believe you understand your job expectations well.

That means that when we conduct an “after action review,” that we can answer the question “what was supposed to happen?” with a good, solid, accurate description.

But, does it?

Is your “what is supposed to happen” specific? Does it change week to week or day to day? How has your “what is supposed to happen” changed in the last year?

Does your “what is supposed to happen” challenge you? Does it cause you to stretch? Is it engage your brain? Cause you to be creative? Drive you to be competitive? Give you joy when you complete your task?

These are questions to be considered. The “same old, same old” doesn’t create a rich work life.

So, if you are a leader and have someone on your team, it may be interesting to explore with the team and your teammates the question of “what is supposed to happen?”  It may create some opportunities.

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