What’s An Environment Where You ‘Earn” Respect?

If we are wise, we give people opportunities to “earn” respect as well as extend the courtesy of “owed” respect.

What’s an environment where you “earn” respect? What does it look like?

Our annual survey gives us a bunch of clues:

  1. We make expectations clear.  When people know what is expected, they have targets for which to aim.  Giving a person a target and letting them play is an invitation for respect.  Hitting expectations is a path to being deemed a capable teammate.  Once you know your contribution matters, your self-respect grows.

2. We listen to the opinions of everyone.  We put good input to work.  Being open to opinions and ideas is a virtuous cycle.  When you speak and are acknowledged, you begin to be more comfortable speaking.

When your words are taken into account and used, you are more willing to contribute again.

Great teams communicate often, plainly, openly, and completely.  Everyone is heard from.  Everyone contributes.  Confidence is high because the team is comfortable that all will be presented.

3. We are interested in everyone getting better.  We respond to ambition.  We provide learning experiences.  We pay attention to achievement.

4. We give feedback when your contributions are pointed out when you receive coaching when we are asked to help.  All those things let one know he or she matters and is valued.

An environment where you can earn respect is led actively.  The skill of giving respect is used broadly by all teammates.

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