When Leading a Change, Consider the Mindsets That Plague Us

Are you achieving what you want? Part three.

First, what outcomes are you seeking?

Second, what behaviors are keeping us from getting there?

Third, what mindset has caused us to behave the way we’ve been behaving?

Our mindsets are funny things. We acquire them as we go along in life. Frequently, we adopt a mindset without much thought. We do what we see and what we are exposed to without considering alternatives. If you go back and really think about why you as an individual or we as a team do what we do, you will find some interesting origins that cause you to do what you do.

So, as we look at behaviors which plague us, it is useful to dig a bit deeper to get to the thought process that led us to that place.

Here’s a personal example. My dad would delight in being a rebel. Thus, I grew up doing the same.

I would skip school. Not try hard to make good grades. Sneak booze into teenage parties. I wanted to be the same cool rebel as my dad.

It took me awhile to see that rebellion wasn’t the right mindset. It didn’t serve my dad well. Though he was very smart and very charismatic, he suffered disappointment in many avenues of life. At the root of his disappointment was the rebellious mindset. I realized that there was a better mindset and pursued it.

So, what mindsets plague you?

Some folks say we emphasize safety too much. It slows production.

Maybe you value using equipment until it wears out as compared to taking care of it.

Maybe you think honoring seniority or authority is more important than listening to everyone to see if there is a better idea.

If you don’t like your results, your behavior is hurting you. But, the “stinking thinking” or absence of a mindset is causing that behavior. You need to consider both.

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