The last time you observed or were involved in an accident: did it feel like you were in heavy traffic?

I live near Mickey Mouse land and the traffic worsens here every year.  Traffic jams are frustrating.

Movement is slowed.  Time is wasting.  You fill crowded and irritated.

Our mind tells us to do something!  Free things up!  Make something happen!

You begin considering driving on the shoulder?  Crossing the median? Cutting off the less bold driver?  All for the cause of escaping the logjam.

Heavy traffic requires a better routine.

Handle heavy traffic with a fresh perspective.  The delays are part of life.  The impulsive actions you take will gain you little time or space.  It’s best to pause and consider the situation.  Work through it.

Handle heavy traffic with patience.  I have learned through the years that “this too shall pass.”  Bad situations improve.  Messes get cleaned up.  Not suggesting you quit or drift to the side and withdraw.  Just suggesting that your breath deep, keep your blood pressure under control and take up your shovel to begin digging.

Finally, focus on safety.  Hurrying in traffic.  Being impulsive in traffic.  Breaking the rules in traffic.  All those things contribute to accidents.

Perspective, patience, safety.  When things get hectic, let those things be your routine.

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