“Changing before you need to instead of waiting until you’re forced to is almost always the best move.  Both have mental / emotional challenges but waiting until you’re forced is usually too late to recover what could have been.” Brian Kight

Have you found this to be true? I have.

Change that is forced upon you is usually hard medicine.

Sometimes it comes as a shock.  You wake up one morning and things are different. You must read and adjust.  It’s harder because you didn’t see it coming.

More often, though, you did see it coming.  As you review things, you knew staying on the path you were going was not sustainable.  You knew that a change needed to happen.  You just kept putting it off.  You kind of hoped the situation would go away.

The failure to change costs you all the time: wasted time, wasted resources, wasted opportunities.

Kight, who is a sports psychologist, is right about “what could have been”.  If you’re diligent about changing when you’re called to do so, you create and maintain margin. You stay ahead in the game.  There is some distance between you and the competition.

You wait until your forced to change, you’re fighting to catch up.  Your spending resources to get out of the ditch.

Where does the need to change fit in for you?  Get going.  It’s time to move.

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