A winner says there ought to be a better way

“A winner says there ought to be a better way. A loser says ‘that’s the way we’ve always done it here.’” Steve Spurrier, Hall of Fame coach.

Things change fast these days. We are confronted with daily challenges. Trucks are in short supply. People are in short supply. Technology allows us to analyze things faster. Most of you carry around powerful computers in your pockets.

The change means everything must be re-examined. Things that were unreasonable once upon a time become reasonable because of changing conditions.

If we are going to continue to win, we will have to be open to a new approach.

This applies to almost all aspects of life. This note is not meant to get you to change just for change’s sake.

It is meant to ask you to consider new and different with an open mind rather than a closed one. I believe that the rest of our lives will be filled with opportunities to try things differently.

Put your “different” muscle to the test more often. Be flexible. Be bold. Be quick. It will make a difference in your success rate.

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