“Wisdom Training”

I was reading an article about Wisdom Training as according to Buddha. If you read these often, you know my beliefs don’t center on Buddha. But, these views have some good thoughts regardless of your faith. 

 Buddha says to live your best, fulfilling life follow this Noble Eightfold Path. 

 Step 1: Right View: See life as it really is, not just as it appears. Everything is impermanent. So, you’ll do better if you watch your attachments and don’t hold fast to things.

 Step 2: Right Intentions: Approach others with compassion and understanding.

 Step 3: Right Speech: Speak the truth in a non-hurtful way.

 Step 4: Right Action: Behave so as to harm no one. 

 Step 5: Right Livelihood: Earn your living in a legal, non-deceitful way.

 Step 6: Right Effort: Strive to improve your behavior and character.

 Step 7: Right Mindfulness: Recognize that it is always now. Be awake to the present moment and act from a clear conscience.

 Step 8: Right Concentration: Use meditation, a sense of dignity and personal willpower to act with integrity and overcome cravings.

 I always use lists like these to conduct a personal assessment. Which of the list are causing me to falter? Can I start today to do something about it?

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