What makes us a better place to work?

My goal is to be the “best blue-collar employer” in the markets we serve.  I use the term “blue collar” as an acknowledgement that our work is hard, exposed to the outdoor elements and not for sissies.

So, we aren’t going to have yoga classes and free massages that hi-tech companies are proud of describing.  But we can still create an environment where people feel valued and look forward to coming to work.

How do we do it?  Here’s a list I saw on the internet that help improve work environments.

  • Build trust.  We need to know each other’s capabilities and assign responsibilities consistent with them.  Then, trust others to do their job.  Frequently, we do the opposite.
  • Earn people’s respect.  Respect in everything we do.  Respect with everyone we encounter.
  • Be compassionate to your people’s circumstances.
  • Create development opportunities.  Everyone should strive to improve skills and learn more.
  • Give us much leeway as we can to let people craft their jobs.
  • Speed up the decision process.  Shouldn’t take an “act of Congress” to get answers.

Which of these resonate with you?  How can you improve things in your work environment to improve matters?

It’s a win-win to get there.  Shine some light on those issues.

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