“At some point in every game, somebody’s going to give in and I don’t ever want it to be us.  We want to be the last team standing.” – Roy Williams, University of North Carolina basketball coach


There are many of life’s events that are defined by whether you quit. 


Think about it.  There are habits we try to create.  Programs of study we try to complete. Exercise routines we try to maintain.  Diets we try to follow.  Books we intend to read.  Countless things we take on with the intention of improving.  And, often, we quit. 


This quote caused me to think this:  What if, each time we faced that choice to quit or go on, we elected to go on instead of quitting? 


I’m talking just change the math a bit.  The next time you’re thinking about giving up (you know the situation), decide you’re going to hang in there a little longer. 


Be scientific about it.  See what the results are.  Did you gain by hanging in?  Was your attitude better?  Did your habits begin to change?  Did your results improve?


Quitting can be a habit.  I think the difference between those who achieve and those who don’t is often what you do at the crucial point – hang in or quit?

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