Scrutinize the Reports You Receive

Here’s a lean exercise for you. Many of us get reports via email or by paper on our desk. Do you look at them? Why or why not? I was in a meeting recently where I made reference to a report I was looking at regularly. Immediately, someone told me, “That report doesn’t tell the whole story.” Quickly, we discussed how the report could be improved to tell the whole story. It reminded me. Every […]

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Speak Up with an Idea or Solution

I was visiting with a colleague today who was telling me about some consulting work that he had been doing. He had come across a firm who studies how ideas are developed and used within an organization. One thing he shared I have found to be true. The best ideas have nothing to do with the role or position in the group. When we encounter a problem or an opportunity in the organization, we have […]

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Reminders on Effective Leadership

I read recently that one trait effective leaders have is the ability to readily admit shortcomings. It occurs to me that I am pretty good at telling folks what they ought to do. I don’t often write about how I screw up. Even though, when I screw up, it is in plain sight.So, here are a few: I talk when I should be listening. In meetings, I find I like the sound of my own […]

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The Intangibles That Set Tim Tebow Apart

I am a Tim Tebow fan. As a Florida Gator fan, I watched him win national championships (I like winning) while expressing himself humbly (I admire humility), providing unparalleled leadership (leadership is necessary for teams to succeed) and demonstrating extraordinary perseverance (overcoming adversity is part of life). I got to admit I was a “doubter” when it came to him being a success as an NFL quarterback. I believed in all the intangibles. I just […]

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Look at Procedures with Fresh Eyes

Asking “why” is one of the key strategies for achieving better, “lean” practices. If you are new to the company, you may see us doing something one way and it seems like to you there is a better way. The tendency would be to step back and remain silent. Most new people figure the old ones have been doing it longer and probably know what they are doing.But, that isn’t the case. It is human […]

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Happy Veteran’s Day

Today is 11-11-11.  It’s also Veteran’s Day.  One of the things that makes the United States special is our steady devotion of resources, both human and financial, to the cause of freedom world wide. If you have a friend or relative who has served us, take time to drop them a note or give them a call today thanking them for their dedication and heroism.  I found this on the National Day of Prayer site […]

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